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Wir haben eine Download Sektion mit unserem assortiertem Office 365 Tenant hinzugefügt. Hier stellen wir alle Präsentationen und anderen Content zur Verfügung, der mit unseren abgehaltenen User Group Meetings in Verbindung steht.


We have added a download section associated with our Office 365 tenant. Here we will post all presentations and other related content for each User Group meeting conducted.

2021 Sessions

  • June (What’s New Meetup)
  • May (What’s New Meetup undTeams UG Event)
    • What’s New Meetup (DOWNLOAD)
    • Teams UG Meetup 21 – Eure Themenwünsche zur Telefonie (DOWNLOAD)
  • April (What’s New Meetup)
  • March (What’s New Meetup und Teams UG Event)
    • What’s New Meetup – Ignite News (DOWNLOAD)
    • Teams UG Meetup 20 – Ignite im Reality Check und 10toGo (DOWNLOAD)
  • February (What’s New Meetup)
  • January (Whats New Meetup)

2020 Sessions

  • December (Whats New Meetup)
  • November (Teams UG Meetup 19)
    • Meeting Recordings in SharePoint Online / OneDrive und Teams mit NDI (DOWNLOAD)
  • November (What’s New Meetup)
  • October (What’s New Meetup)
  • September (What’s New Meetup + Regular Meetup)
  • August (What’s New Meetup)
  • July 
  • July (What’s New Meetup)
  • January (Teams Community Day)
    • Der Goldene Weg zur erfolgreichen Adoption (DOWNLOAD)
    • Teams Security (DOWNLOAD)

2019 Sessions

2018 Sessions

2017 Sessions

  • November
    • Microsoft Teams – Overview and Roadmap (DOWNLOAD)
    • Skype for Business vNEXT (DOWNLOAD)
    • Teams Announcements, Azure Service MyAdvisor (DOWNLOAD)
  • August
    • Identity is the new security (DOWNLOAD)
    • Media Bypass in SfB Online (DOWNLOAD)
    • SfB im Kundenservice, Attendant Console und Omni-Channel Console (DOWNLOAD)
  • April – European SfB UG Meeting
  • January

2016 Sessions

  • September
    • Enterprise Voice Deployment Projects (DOWNLOAD)
    • Busy on Busy – install and configure (DOWNLOAD)
    • Office 365 Cloud PBX – Multi Site and Signaling (DOWNLOAD)
  • June
    • SfB Online GEO Edge (DOWNLOAD)
    • O365 Click2Run for Office Application and Configuration (DOWNLOAD)